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The CATV Training institute has built a training platform that is effective and affordable. Their training approach is like no other in the industry and techs love it! Since partnering with them, we have been able to lower our training costs and reduce tech frustration which has had a positive impact on our bottom line!

The CATV Training Institute offers an e-Learning platform that is affordable and user friendly while at the same time robust in content. The curriculum covers all important aspects techs need to perform their job properly. Frank is a passionate business owner and his products are outstanding whether used for new hire training, remedial trainings or up-training.

Finally, an affordable training program that my employees actually learn from. Since we started using their cable training courses, I have seen a huge improvement in the confidence level of our technicians. This has resulted in a positive impact on our company's performance which has led to improvements in several key areas of our metrics. Thank you CATV Training!

The courses are very informative as well as delivered in multiple ways to accommodate the various learning styles (written, audio, and visual). The price point is very affordable and the feedback from the technicians has been great.

We have been using this training program for several years now and have seen great improvement with new hires entering the field. Franklin is great to work with and knows what our employees need to hit the field educated and ready to work.

"Absolutely THE best training platform for Cable Technicians in the nation. CATV Training Institute has set a new standard of excellence for the industry." 

Best content available, very user friendly, quick and efficient technical support for an affordable price! Even some of our most senior technicians have learned from these courses! Well done! 

The CATV Training Institute has provided us with an amazing online training solution that has allowed us to train more employees at a lower cost! As a Canadian business, their online support team is amazing! Our Technicians have taken the Customer Satisfaction Course and we have seen a significant improvement in our overall NPS. Thanks CATV Training Institute!

“Thanks to the CATV Training Institute, we have successfully reduced our training period as well as improved our poor performer’s metrics which has produced better qualified technicians across our entire footprint. These courses are leading edge and pay for themselves in dividends!” 

As we got our worst techs through the classes the change was undeniable. Our quality, NPS and employee retention have all drastically improved. Please feel free to use PrimeTek as a reference and example of the effectiveness of your program.

After using your product for the past few months I have found your training system best fulfills our training needs. CATV Training Institute significantly outshines other cable training programs we've researched, especially in terms of support.

I was a CATV trainer for 20 years. The programs look both challenging and rewarding. Why re-invent the wheel in-house when you can obtain a complete program ready to serve up? My compliments to the CATV Training Institute.

I must say your training programs are truly impressive. They are well thought out and stand up to similar products developed for our industry. Also they are available at an outstanding price-point. Great job CATV Training Institute!

The soft skills course is a bonus that I have not seen offered anywhere else.  With the industry wide emphasis on customer service and the comprehensive layout and interactivity, I would recommend these for all new hires." 

I found this program to be user friendly and the material easy to comprehend. Over the course of my 30-year career in communications it is the best program I have taken to date. I was very impressed.

Great tool for our techs. I highly recommend this product for any new hire or tech who needs development. There is no other product on the market that can compare to this training program. It doesn't cost you money, it saves you money. Invest in your techs up front.

The CATV Training platform is unique and effective. The Platform and content is a first of its kind and has helped our Supervisors and Techs reach new levels of knowledge with interactive and fun content which has kept our most distracted techs engaged. Frank Snider’s content and writing abilities capture exactly what we need to build top performers in our industry.

What a great resource for newcomers and veterans of the industry. Your courses approach the fundamentals of cable without intimidation, while challenging knowledge retention through periodic quizzes and a final exam. Overall, this product has very impressive results across the board! Thank you CATV Training Institute!

In my 26 years in the Cable industry I have been looking for a training program that not only addresses technical skills, but also much needed soft skills. The CATV Training Institute has embraced the era of NPS and Voice of the Customer by building an outstanding Customer Satisfaction course to complement their suite of unsurpassed technical training all at an affordable price point.

Since partnering with CATV Training we have seen a huge improvement in the confidence level of our staff. With their state of the art broadband e-Learning training, each technician can progress at their own pace and engage with the content as needed to get a full understanding of the material. This new approach has proven to be so much better than anything else we have used in the past.

Cost to value, the CATV Training Institute has exceeded our expectations! Through clear, concise, and interactive instruction, I can wholeheartedly deliver my client a competent, confident and professional technician. Thank you!

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